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Buena Terra Elementary School

7th Grade Transition General Information

Centralia School District serves kindergarten through sixth grade pupils.  Students living within the Buena Terra School boundaries will transition to  either Walker or Orangeview junior high depending on their address of record. Both of these schools are in the Anaheim Union High School District. 


Sixth grade students will register and complete preliminary class schedules sometime in the spring of 2021.  Both Orangeview Jr. High and Walker Jr. High schools will visit Buena Terra with registration information. Please note that Anaheim Union operates similarly as elementary schools; with clear boundaries of school attendance. All registration questions must be directed to the Junior High Registrar of which the student resides. Click here for boundaries map or Find My School Link.  Note that some or all of the registration process may be required to be completed on line.


This page is designed as a parent resource and does not encompass all of Anaheim Union requirements. Parents should check with the Registrar for additional immunization information required for Jr. High entry, most students will require one (1) DTAP booster and a second MMR for a total of two (2) prior to entry.


Parents may visit Anaheim Union High School District website for additional information and registration requirements by clicking here. 


Open enrollment (student transfer application process) within the Anaheim Union school district is not yet released. 


Oxford Academy

Oxford Academy entry is by application only. 

 Application deadline is December 3, 2021  Late applications will not be accepted. 


Do not bring originals, no copies will be made.

Items needed for the application packet:

June report card for 2019-20 school year. 

June report card for 2020-21 school year.

Most recent report card (November 2021)

2020 SBAC report

2021 SBAC was not taken in California

Residence Verification Form with required proof of residence


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