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Buena Terra Elementary School

Sixth Grade

Instructional Updates for March, 2022

6th Grade Scholars are learning a lot during the month of March!

In science, we are continuing our work on Energy Resources, with students learning how to make solar ovens! In addition, we will be starting the final module for the Verizon Grant that will take us through the end of the year. It is called "Digital Product Innovations" where students will be able to design products to be made on our 3D printer!

In math, students are starting to learn about geometry and will then move on to statistics.

In addition, our school is restarting a couple of BT traditions this month, which include a poetry slam and a 5th /6th grade March Madness basketball tournament!

We are also continuing to prepare for our upcoming SBAC state exams.

Keep doing your best 6th Grade Scholars!
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