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Buena Terra Elementary School

Fourth Grade

Instructional Updates for March, 2022

As we jump into spring, 4th grade scholars are focused on learning the following:

Scholars are learning about Point of View, with a focus on:
Narrators’ perspective
First person vs. third person (omniscient vs limited)
Second person (commands or directions)
Pronouns identifying point of view

In writing, students are engaged in Narrative Writing, in which students must include story elements i.e., setting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution, point of View, theme.

In math, scholars are learning to manipulate fractions. This includes a focus on:
Adding like factions
Subtracting like fractions
Adding mixed fractions
Multiplying mixed numbers by whole numbers

Please consider these at-home activities that help to promote student success:
1. i-Ready Reading and Math lessons (Complete and pass as many lessons as you
2. ST Math - Complete 60 puzzles a week
3. Memorize math facts using flashcards and
4. Read and meet the AR goal

Together we can help to ensure that students succeed!
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